The Jewish history of Prague from 1782 to today

Prag, Czech Republic
Period of time: 4h
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Once one of the largest Jewish communities in Europe. In 1782, Emperor Joseph II issued the Tolerance Patent, shortly afterwards he introduced a state Jewish school system, unique in Europe, which took off immediately. From full equality in 1867, the well-educated Jews immediately went into industry, business and the arts. Bohemia and Moravia are experiencing an unbelievable industrial boom, but there is competition between the emancipating Czechs and Jews. The mostly German-speaking Jewish community in Prague identifies as committed to German culture. The Prague German literature comes into being with Kafka, Werfel and Kisch and many others. After WWI, the country benefits from the legacy of 75% of the former monarchy's industrial output. Prague flourished until Hitler invaded in 1938. From the 1920s, Zionism in Prague tried to establish a state for Jews AND Arabs in Israel.



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