Hampaturi Trekking

La Paz, Bolivia
Period of time: more than 24h
Price: from 455 € per person (Scale price)  
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Organisational Details

Scale price: from 4 person 520€ per person
from 6 person 455€ per person

Participants: 2-10 person (Open tour)

Registration: 1 days before deadline

Languages: German, English, French, Spanish

Booking option: Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

5-day trekking tour in the Hampaturi area - near La Paz. In the largely unknown region of the Cordillera Real we hike through varied mountain regions and green valleys.

Untouched nature and unspoilt mountain landscapes are not easy to find these days. Clear lakes, glacier mountains without antennas or lifts, paths into no man's land. The Bolivian Andes have almost all of this to offer in abundance. However, you often have to accept long journeys over bumpy roads. Not so in the Hampaturi area, only 1-2 hours drive from the Andean metropolis La Paz you will find everything that the discerning nature lover is looking for. Lakes and waterfalls abound, glistening ice peaks and rock castles that demand respect. In addition, promising pass crossings, minerals and high hiking mountains. Campgrounds and trails are also available, and trout can even be caught in Laguna Agua Khocha. Treks of 3 or 4 days are also possible in Hampaturi.

From the Mina San Francisco to the Zongo Pass

Day 1: Mina San Francisco

After the somewhat hoppy but all the more promising journey (approx. 2 hours from La Paz) we start our crossing at the Mina San Francisco above Ventilla (starting point if you want to do the tour with public transport). At first the trail climbs moderately and runs excitingly close beneath the cliffs of Cerro Takesi and its unnamed neighbor. Our destination for the day is also a nameless, deep green mountain lake, nestled under 4 shapely 5000m peaks. Depending on time and desire, we can climb one of them today or tomorrow morning without any technical problems.

Day 2: At Hathi Khollo

Below black rocky mountains, we first hike slightly downhill on wide roads. After a few kilometers we turn right into a completely forgotten side valley, which we almost completely cross. At the end it goes uphill over steep scree slopes. But these are quite easy to walk on and soon we reach a promising pass that clearly exceeds the 5000m mark. Pass crossings usually represent a gateway into another world, and this is also the case here. Below us stretches a picturesque mountain landscape. From here we can quickly take another peak before we descend or slide into the picturesque side valley under the ice-clad Cerro Serkhe Khollo. Here, the Laguna Serkhe offers the ideal camp site right on the lake.

Day 3: Around the Serkhe Negro

Today we overcome another promising pass with magnificent views down to Serkhe Lake. We take an approximately 5200m high, unknown rocky peak, the Cerro Masser, and circumnavigate half of the Serkhe Khollo massif. After the descent, our camp is again right next to a lake. Here, too, we are surrounded by numerous bizarre 5000m peaks.

Day 4: To the Cumbre Coroico

First of all we want to climb one of the surrounding high peaks, a good 500 meters in altitude through easily accessible rubble flanks lie ahead of us. Once at the top, fantastic views of Unduavi and the road down to Coroico await us. On the descent we head straight for the counter climb that connects us to the Cumbre Coroico Pass. Another 400 meters of altitude await us there. Through a wide plain, initially without a path, later on good roads, we reach the top of the pass. A little further away from this we set up our camp.

Day 5: To the Zongo Pass

A beautiful trek takes us today under the ice walls of the Cerros Manquilizani and Charkini. We encounter several deep blue Andean lakes and we constantly have the long mountain range of the Chacaltaya in mind. Again we overcome a pass of approx. 4900m. There, too, a small 5000m can be taken with a good 100 meters of additional effort. After a short descent, we hike along level hiking trails under the glacier surfaces of Cerro Charkini to the road to the Zongo Pass. From there we drive back to La Paz via El Alto.




Bus and taxi transfers in the country
    Overnight in tent
    Rental equipment tent
    Material transport by car or pack animals
    Organization and implementation of the tour with local guides

Travel Accident Insurance• Medical Insurance    Baggage Insurance    Trip cancellation insurance    Daily necessities expenses    tips    Meals and drinks not advertised


A good physical condition, a few days of altitude acclimatization and some sure-footedness


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