Sagrada Familia Facade Tour

Barcelona, Spain
Period of time: 2h
Price: from 182€ per group (Scale price)
Category:: Stadttouren
Sa Fa Fassade 10

Organisational Details

Scale price: from 1 person 182€ per group
from 5 person 234€ per group
from 10 person 260€ per group
from 20 person 312€ per group

Participants: 1-30 person (Only group booking)

Languages: German, English

Booking option: Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

Our Sagrada Familia facade tour is perfect for people who want to see the famous basilica from the outside, understand the symbolism of its unique facades and immerse themselves in Gaudí's world of thought.

As we stroll around the facades and approach the Sagrada Familia, you will gain the background knowledge you need to better understand Gaudí's unique visual language. You'll sharpen your eyes and notice details you wouldn't see without the explanations of a trained guide.

After a short introduction, you will learn exciting facts about Gaudí's biography and interesting facts about the historical background of the church building. Then approach Gaudí's sacred masterpiece from the outside. With every detail your guide explains, you'll realize that Gaudí was not only a fantastic designer, but also a gifted civil engineer.

 As you admire the building, decipher the impressive imagery of the Nativity facade and learn about the traumatic events of the 19th century that Gaudí dealt with. You will learn what happened after Gaudí's accidental death and what fate befell the Sagrada Familia during the civil war.

 Then around the apse to the Passion facade, which is reminiscent of the bony face of someone marked by death. In front of the slanted columns, you can listen to your guide's explanations of the figures that represent the Passion of Christ.

 You will understand the church better after our facade tour and will enjoy the interior tour even more. This makes visiting the Sagrada Familia an unforgettable experience

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