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Sightseeing Cruise on the Danube

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Location: Budapest

Period of time: 1.5h

Price: 11,70€ per adult  

Category: Stadttouren


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Organisational Details

Participants: 1-10 person (Open tour)


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Description of Tour

Take this cruise and you will know why Budapest is called the Pearl of the Danube. The boat takes you beneath 6 bridges of Budapest while introducing you to sights such as the mighty House of Parliament, the Chain Bridge, the Buda Castle and the Fisherman’s Bastion up on the Hill of Buda and the Gellért mountain crowned by the majestic Citadella. You can head up to the open balconies of the boat to experience Budapest by the riverbank. And if you wish you can buy a drink from the bar (fair price) to have a company while you are amazed from this beautiful city. As a complimentary bonus to your ticket, you will receive free pass to a historic Danube ship, the Gróf Széchenyi Museum Ship (built 1939) (Id. Antall József rkp. 18, Budapest as well with its own stunning exhibition inside. (visiting hours: 10AM-13:30PM)



90 minutes cruise

free pass to the Gróf Széchenyi Museum ship to visit (bonus ticket)

Photos der Tour

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