Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan Tour

Beograd, Serbia
Period of time: 3h
Price: from 7,80 € per person (Scale price) / children 6,50 € / discounted 6,50 €  
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Organisational Details

Scale price: from 10 person 11,70€ per person
from 15 person 10,40€ per person
from 20 person 9,10€ per person
from 25 person 7,80€ per person

Participants: 2-70 person (Open tour)

Languages: English

Groups: 30% Group discount from 40 persons

Early Booking: from 14 days 20% discount

Booking option: Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

The story begins with the Scordiscs-Celtic tribe that bult the first fortress on the shores of Sava and Danube, called Singidun. After the Roman conquest, the city was renamed to Singidunum. It housed the IV Roman Legion - Flavia. Roman Emperor Iovinus was born here. Through centuries, it was governed by Huns, Sarmatians, Eastern Goths, Gepidaes, Avars, Slavs, Byzantines, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Serbs, Ottomans, Austrians, Germans.... It became famous during the XV century, when it was hailed as "Antemurale Christianitis" -The Stronghold of Christianity because of the famous victory of Christian forces during the Otoman conquests. 100 battles vere fought over the fortress, 40 times it was destroyed and rebuilt from the ashes, and it changed 15 different names.

The Tour:

-Students' Square(Remains of Roman Spa, University Building)
-Kalemegdan park(Liberation of the Serbian cities Monument, Outer system of Defense, "Struggle fountain", Monument of Gratitude to France, Busts of Glorious Serbs)
-The fortress(Leopold's Gate, Ancient Roman Walls, Zindan Gate, Kalemegdan Terace, Ruzica Church, St. Petka Church, Jaksic Tower with WWI mausoleum, Eastern medieval suburbs with Charles V gate and the Turkish Bath, Lower town with river bastions, Nebojsa tower, Great Gunpowder Magazine and the remains of medieval Metropolitan Church, Great staircase and the promenade)
-Upper town - The Citadel (Dafterdar's Gate, Mehmet Pasha Sokolovic Fountain, The Great Defense of Belgrade 1456 memorial, Despot Stefan of Serbia monument, Dizdar's Tower, Despot's Gate, Old Mosque remains, Dammad Ali-Pahsa's Turbe, Ancient Sarcophaguses, Great Cold War Bunker, Roman Well, The Victor Monument, King Gate, The Clock Gate with The Clock Tower, Open Air Military Museum Exhibition, The Stambol Gate, The Great Rampart, Military Museum building)



Tourist guide in English.



Comfortable shoes and clothes, a bottle of water.


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