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Location: Sibenik

Period of time: 10h

Price: 82,88€ per adult  

Category: Laufen und Wandern


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Organisational Details

Participants: 2-8 person (Open tour)

Registration:3 days before deadline

Languages:German, English, Croatian, Polish, Russian

Booking option:Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

Frightening hatch mamet cave is located on the South Velebit, between Gračac and Obrovac. pits Mamet reportedly has the largest crater on the European continent. The impressive and frightening, because of its unusual size was declared the sensation and among speleologist has a cult status for a long time. 

Dimensions of eliptical crater are 60 meter x 70 meter.  Down 80 meters, vertical pit spreads in the form of a huge bell to a depth of 206 meters. The bottom of the hall has an area of the of the football filed, and when the sun is at its zenith, illuminated outdoor light. 

Cult cave became globally popular in the Fall of 2004 when famous Austrian BASE jumper,  Felix Braumgartner, jumped with parachute in.

Departure time: 07:00 a.m. 



Equipment and staff: all equioment used is registrated and certified at the EU and UIAA standrads. Proffesional guides are licensed Mounatin guides by UIAA as well as registred at a croatian Mounatin Rescue Service. Staff memebers speak croatian, english and German. Other languages on request.  


Fitness level: A minimum level of fitness is required. 

Previous experience: Not necessary 

Minimum age: Suitable for all. 

What to bring: Backpack, hiking/trekking shoes, flashlights, sun glasses, headgear, food, drink. 

Availability: All year. In winter conditions with use of adequate winter mountaineering equipment. 

Altitude distance from start to the cave: 400 meter

Special conditions: The operator has right to cancel tours, without notice at their discretion depending on the weather conditions. All safety instructions given from Gemma Delmatica's staff must be adhered to. 


Photos der Tour

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