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Location: Sibenik

Period of time: 8h

Price: 99,45€ per adult / children 88,40€  

Category: Trekking/Klettern


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Organisational Details

Participants: 2-8 person (Open tour)

Registration:2 days before deadline

Languages:German, English, Croatian, Russian

Booking option:Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

Chalenging, unusual and extreme tour through dried canyon of Čikola river. Punching through seething canyon of dried riverbed in the scorshing summer heat, with backpack, swimmimg in the water remained trapped in the deep ravines, abseiling down the cascades of dried up waterfalls, refershing in trapped pools among dryed riverbanks, description is of this all-day adventure.

Departure from viullage Knezovi, 2 km dowmstream from the town of Drniš. To pass 8 km of extremely attractive canyon takes almost 8 hours.

The tour is combination of trekking, swimmimg and abseil down the dried cascades. The tour ends below the bridge, near villages Pakovo selo. 

Departure time: 08:00 a.m.

Grade: Demanding tour

Duration: All day tour

Availability: From June to September



Equipment and staff: All technical equipment udes is registrated and certified at the EU and UIAA standrads. Slients must use a helmet the entire duration of the trip. Proffesional guides are licensed Mountain guides by UIAA as well as registrated at the Croatian Mounatain Rescue Service. Staff memebers speak Croatian. English and German. Other languages on request. 

Canyoning equipment: A helmet, harmess and ropes. 


Fitness level: It is expected the usual level of fitness. 

Previous experience: Not neccessary

Minimum age: 16

River temperature: Between 15' and 21' C, depending on the season. 

Abseiling: Čikola canyoning involves a rope lowering and using a climbing equipmnet. There are three abseils: Lasmač 8 meters high, saranča 12 meters high and Šuplji vir 5 meters high. 

Swimmimg: On the route several times need to swimm in lake-forms water remained of the dried river.

What to bring: Backpack, trekking/sport shoes, swimmimg suit, sun glasses, headgear, clothes nd shoes (for changing) , food, drink. 

Special conditions: The operator has the right to cancel tours, without notice at their discretion depending on the weather conditions. All safety instructions from Gemma Delmatica's staff must be adhered to. 


Photos der Tour

Absajl niz Lasma 3 Copy 22 000 U presuenom Lasmau kao u pustinji foto J.G. Copy DSC05608 Copy3 DSC00386 Copy