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Tour through the Speicherstadt and Hafencity

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Location: Hamburg

Period of time:1h

Price: 12,51€ per adult  

Category: Stadttouren

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Organisational Details

Participants: 1-25 person (Open tour)


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Description of Tour

When the weather is fine, thousands of people make a pilgrimage through Hamburg's Speicherstadt and the Hafencity behind it. Understandable, because this interplay between land and water against the backdrop of the old warehouses is visually a special treat.

The people of Hamburg are proud of their Speicherstadt, which for many years contributed to the prosperity of its citizens, and is also architecturally something very special. Millions of tons of cocoa and coffee, fine carpets, expensive spices and all kinds of general cargo were stored here, but also refined and sorted. This charming area is now home to a large number of museums and cafés.

The Hafencity, which lies behind the harbour, is being built on former harbour areas. There we also see the Elbphilharmonie, the city's newest landmark. But we will also take a look at the Magellan and Marco Polo Terraces, the Traditional Ship Harbour, the Unilever House and the Cruise Terminal on this tour.

During the tour, which also includes laughter and fun, you will be able to form your own impression.



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