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Location: Tulcea

Period of time:more than 24h

Price: 871€ per adult / children 871€ / discounted 871€  

Category: Landschaften & Natur


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Organisational Details

Participants: 16-18 person (Open tour)

Registration:14 days before deadline

Languages:German, English, French

Booking option:Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

Danube Delta is a wonderful realm, unique in Europe. A trip to its heart leaves the turist a lasting impression because of its beauty and uniqueness of the landscapes. White waterlilies floating on on the river, a lot of birds flying in the visitor proximity, places where salt water from the Black Sea intermingles with the Danube sweet water in a landscape of forgetfulness that eye and video cameras retain it in its splendor.

FIRST DAY :Start point Tulcea town - Murighiol. Travel time around 5 hours. 
SECOND DAY : Murighiol - Dunarea Veche - Uzlina - Channel Uzlina - Lake Uzlina - Lake Isac - Channel Panaiotova - Channel Perevolovca - Lake Taranova. Travel time : around 5 hours. 
THIRD DAY : Uzlina - Hostel Cormoran - Channel Perevolovca - Lake Taranova - Lake Erenciuc - Ivancea. Travel time : around 6 hours.
FOURTH DAY : Ivancea - Village Sfintu Gheorghe - Isles Sacalin - Black Sea beach - Village Sfintu Gheorghe. Travel time around 7 hours. 
FIFTH DAY : Sfintu Gheorghe village - Channel Tataru - Lake Rosu - Lake Rosulet - Girla Imputita - Channel Busurca - Sulina - Mila 8. Travel time around 8 hours .
SIXTH DAY: Mila 8 - Letea Forest - Crisan - Bogdaproste Lake - Lake Trei Iezere - Channel Eracle - Mila 23. Travel time 8 hours.
SEVENTH DAY: Mila 23 - Lake Ligheanca - Lake Vacaru - Lake Baclanestiul Mare - Lake Vacaru - Lake Nebunu - Channel 36 - Tulcea. Travel time around 8 hours.




The accomodation is on a 4 stars floating hotel. The price includes: : 3 meals/day/accommodation in 2 places berth, mineral water and coffee.


Rain cloak, Sun glasses, Solution against mosquitoes

Photos der Tour

Pelicans in flight Fishermen house in Letea danube delta Cormorans Floating hotel Sfintu Gheorghe village Storks Mila 3 Tourists in catamaran Sunset Trei Iezere Lake with the catamaran Sahalin island Sulinas old lighthouse with the motorboat

Videos of the Tour