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Bellagio Coast Tour

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Location: Bellagio

Period of time: 1.5h

Price: from 30,39€ per person (Scale price) / children 24,87€  

Category: Kajak- und Kanufahren


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Organisational Details

Scale price: from 2 person 33,15€ per person
from 6 person 30,39€ per person

Participants: 2-15 person (Open tour)

Languages:English, Italian

Booking option:Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

Leaving from Pescallo di Bellagio beach and south direction Oliveto Lario, passing along Limonta Bay then to Vassena and Onno. Oliveto Lario is a three town jurisdiction - and then back to Pescallo.

No fixed date during the season, tour by appointment (email booking).



Life jacket and waterproof bag


People with serious physical impediments of cardiovascular disease are not recommended for these tours. The tours are not overly strenous but require a minimum amount of physical activity.

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