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In Heinrich Heine's footsteps through Düsseldorf

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Location: Düsseldorf

Period of time: 4h

Price: 87,30€ per adult  

Category: Stadttouren


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Organisational Details

Participants: 12-19 person (Open tour)

Registration:3 days before deadline


Booking option:Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

Past Heine's favorite places. 5 stages in Heine's life are visited. 2 actors sing and play Heine and his contemporaries! In historical costumes it is sometimes cabaret, sometimes thoughtful. You will witness all those funny and elegant cheekiness and malice for which Heine was notorious. Events such as the first beatings, the first kiss, the first poems, the little red Seffchen, the dance with the executioner are mentioned. In Heine's sense, the sensual is not neglected. In the Schumacher brewery, a toast to the inventor of the literary gunpowder. The Loreley, sung in front of the house where he was born. A beer in the Uerige and the poem: "The city of Düsseldorf is very beautiful ..."
At the end it goes to Aunt Anna, where a dinner of Heine's favorite dishes is served: Tartare from the kipper with quail egg and Riesling jelly, mockturtless soup with enthusiastic dumplings, epigram of rabbits on stoved chestnuts in green cabbage, framed by the celery border, apple tart with your favorite cream, Heine's dessert. We recommend Johannisberger yellow or red lacquer. and between the courses, acting interludes from the humorous travelogue “Germany a winter fairy tale from 1843
In the poet's footsteps through Düsseldorf's old town, a sensual evening with intellectual and culinary delights, just as Harry loved it.



Old town tour with actors
Alt beer tasting
Reading in prominent locations
Heine Dinner *
Heine present
* Menu changes possible



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from 18 years

handicapped accessible

comfortable shoes

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