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Terms of Use of Guidebooker UG (limited liability), Freiburg


Guidebooker (in the following GB) offers customers the opportunity, to search and book tour guides and tours on the webportal


1. Preface

1.1 Agreement with Terms of Use

If you offer tours or book tours and tour guides on the webportal of GB, then you agree with the Terms of Use and the General Terms and Conditions of GB.

1.2 Changes on website

The contents of the Terms of Use of GB can be changed at any time. The respective calendar day of the booking always applies to the content of the Terms of Use. 

1.3 General Terms and Conditions

The respective General Terms and Conditions always apply to the booking and the processing/performance of the tours over the webportal of GB.

1.4 Exclusion of Liability

GB assumes no liability for the timeliness of the information on the website of GB. The customer acts on his own authority by the information and use of the website.

The liability for damages that are caused by computer virus and damaging computer software, is excluded by any legal title.

1.5 Copyrights

The content of the webportal of GB is legally protected. Company name, logos, symbols, texts, photos, layout etc. are not designated for public use and are not allowed to be copied, modified, forwarded or duplicated. If you want to use any content on the webportal of GB, then please contact GB with a request for usage.

1.6 Links to other websites

The website can contain links to other websites. These websites are operated by third parties. GB does not have an influence on their content, function etc. GB distances itself completely from the content of linked webpages and declines any liability for their content as well as the actions of the owner of these websites.


2. Data protection

2.1 Collection of data

For the time of the visit of the website of GB certain data (eg. IP address, kind of browser) are requested for statistical purposes. These data analysed anonymously, eg. to improve the usage of the webportal.

Even though no booking is made, anonymised data can be collected and analysed, if you are delivering data through booking enquiries, formular data etc.


3. Registration and Booking

3.1 Registration

When registering on our homepage for the purpose of the commencement of contract negotiations (opening an account), you transfer personal data to us such as name, address, date of birth, telephone number, email address and information about your booked service. These personal data are saved according to § 33 Data Privacy Act (Germany).


4. Payment

If you are paying for your booked services, the payment will be processed with a payment provider and a partner bank. GB does not save any payment data on its own server. Payment methods are: VISA/Mastercard, Maestro, Giropay, Direct Debit (“Sofortueberweisung” in Germany).


5. Cookies

5.1 Usage of Cookies

GB uses so called “Cookies”. Cookies are short data entries of a mostly small Data Bank or in a special data directory on a computer and serves for the exchange of information between computer programs or the timely restricted storage of data.


5.2 Settings

You can adjust the settings of your browser, so that it does not save any Cookies on your computer. However, you might not be able to use some functions then.  However, the basic functions can be used without Cookies.

5.3 Google Analytics and Google Maps API

For the website Google Analytics and Google Maps API are being used. Google Analytics is a web analysis tool that is used to analyse the interaction of visitors and our websites. This data is delivered from Google Analytics and are anonymous. Here only website trends are being identified. The single visitor remains incognito. GB delivers additional geographical information by the Google Maps API. By registering at und using of, you agree with the anonymised transfer and processing of your data through Google.

6. Transfer of Data to Third Parties

6.1 Booking

When booking a tour, some of your personal data are transferred to the provider of the service, so that he/she can deliver the service of the tour. This provider of the service may be out of the country where the booking is being made, and is subject to the local legal conditions of data protection.

6.2 Public Authorities and Third Parties

GB and/or the provider of the service may be obliged to provide access to certain personal data of the customers to the public authorities. In case of a booking or payment through Moneybookers, Moneybookers receives the necessary data for the payment process.
As long as it is necessary for the defence of receivables and claims of all kinds, GB may be allowed to deliver personal data to public authorities, third parties etc.


7. Usage of personal Data

The user agrees with the usage of his/her personal data to improve the functions of the website or their display for the purpose of streamlining of the implementation of the contract, as well as of marketing and consultation.


8. Online-Communication/News Service

You agree that GB is allowed to mail you relevant bonus material after a successful booking. Also the provider of the service is allowed to use this online communication method and send an informative mail to the customer.

More details can be found in the General Terms and Conditions.


9. Changes of the Terms of Use and of the Privacy Statement

GB is allowed to change the general terms of use at any time without any advance notice. The terms by the time of the visit of the website apply.


10. Applicable Law


The usage of the website of GB is bare subject to the German Law.

Guidebooker UG (limited liability)

Gallwitzstr. 9

79100 Freiburg




Date of Status: December 2012


You agree with the Terms of Use upon your registration.