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Together with my wife Edna Möllers and our Sinhalese partner Kamani Lasanthi Jayasinghe, we built and run an ECO lodge in Sri Lanka.

Our lodge is located in the foothills of the Singharaja Rainforest, which is known for its enormous biodiversity as well as the rather high number of ethnic species all over the world and has been selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We run our ecological accommodation business according to the guidelines of CSR (Corperate Social Responsibility) and take a new and sustainable path in tourism for Sri Lanka. Our 3 hectare property is used for organic farming and with the energy generated by our own photovoltaic island system, our lodge is completely self-sufficient. Spacious bungalows with private freshwater pools and our panoramic restaurant with balanced BIO dishes provide an upscale luxury in untouched nature.

Among other things, I also lead the area Adventure and Perception and offer different jungle hikes, nature observation, kayak and mountain bike tours. Furthermore, with our seminar Connected to the Wilderness we offer a perception training which opens your mind to nature in order to be able to absorb the power within.

Work experience:

08/2008 until today


Certified tour guide

08/2008 until today


Trained kayak hiking guide

12/2008 until today

Singharaja Garden

Jungle, Mountain Bike & Kayak Tours


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What I offer: Jungle, Mountain Bike & Kayak Tours in and around the Singharaja Rainforest in Sri Lanka.
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