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We offer adventure vacations in Alaska and in the western USA: With a converted USA school bus we take you on a 17-day adventure into the wilderness of Alaska. The heart of the tour is our USA school bus, which has been converted into an overland vehicle: tables for playing cards, space to move around and chat, large windows: the journey is the destination. Our tours are camping holidays (with the option of upgrading at certain campsites) and cooking together and small jobs such as “loading and unloading luggage” offer exactly the right holiday and adventure experience (hiking, kayaking, ice climbing, fishing, rafting, etc.) for those who who like to travel independently, participate, but don't want to miss the group experience.

Natalie and Dave - the tour guides: Both have turned their passion into a profession: traveling and discovering the world. After many vacations and a long backpacking tour in West Africa (as well as after studying sociology / economics and five years of project management in the field of vocational training), Natalie decided to lead overland tours for a large English overland tour company: In Africa from Cairo to Capetown and in South America from Rio de Janeiro to Quito. Travel to experience what the world and life really is like: getting to know other customs, eating local specialties and speaking other languages.

Dave has been in the tourism industry since 1998. He worked for Vail Resorts in Breckenridge for six years, and in 1995 he started leading tours for Trek America in the USA: from Mexico to Alaska and from Los Angeles to New York City. After a brief hiatus to get his degree in chemistry from Flagstaff University, he has also driven trucks across Africa and South America. Our passion to inspire people for animals, nature and different cultures as well as Dave's love for Alaska made us take the next step with a lot of enthusiasm: our own tour company in Alaska and North America.

Work experience:

01/2005 until today

USA, Africa, South America

Tourleading in North America (especially Alaska), Africa and South America


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Guide since 2005
What I offer: Adventure vacation overlanding in the converted school bus Alaska and western USA
Language: German, English, Spanish
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Experience: since 2005