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What I offer: Bhutan Tour & Trekking Package

Location: Thimphu

Foundation: 2008

Profession: Agency

Language: English

Booking: Individual Bookings

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About us

We are Speciliest Bhutan Local Tour operator widely recommend in tripadvisor. We arrange all inclussive Bhutan Tour Package and Bhutan Trekking Package that Bhutan has to offer. Please feel free to conatct us for more information.

We as a part of Bhutan tourism and hospitality industry, we realise that our environment and culture are the fundamental resources on which it thrives and grows. It must recognize its responsibility for conservation and sustainable natural resource management by committing and working within principles and guidelines of Gross National Happiness to achieve sustainable tourism development in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

The sustainable development of our industry requires partnership/counterpart and cooperation within the tourism industry, and between the industry, government, tourists and local people. Local input and involvement are also very important for the long-term and sustainability of our industry. If local residents and communities are part of tourist operations and receive benefits from tourism, then the goals of local communities and the government can be met.