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What I offer: All inbound Tour Activities on Sri Lanka

Location: Gokarella

Foundation: 2010

Profession: Agency

Language: English

Booking: Individual Bookings

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About us

We present yout the best ever holiday in your life. Best Value, Best Definition Sri Lanka Holidays of joy & fun, light & enlightenment in an ancient island, the Pearl of the Orient, tropical island of Sri Lanka. We are specialized in all types of tours to Sri Lanka. Leisure Holidays Sri Lanka offerers extraordinary variety of natural & man-made attractions with some of the most spectacular scenery & tropical beaches of the world.

We give you the best of Historical-Cultural sites, Nature & Adventure sites, Eco-tourism zones, Wild Life parks & Bird Sanctuaries topped by Sacred footprint of Buddha at the summit of Mount Sri Pada, also known as Adam's Peak, Butterfly Mountain & Samantakuta overwhelm you all with a total holiday experience.

We offer Trekking Sri Lanka Holidays, Nature Walks Sri Lanka Holidays, Safari Sri Lanka Holidays, Cycling & Canoeing Sri Lanka Holidays, Eco Adventure Sri Lanka Holidays, Adventure & Culture Sri Lanka Holidays, Bird Watching & Culture Sri Lanka Holidays & Camping Sri Lanka Tours lead the pack.

We take you across Sri-Lanka with great comfort and ease. Come with us and experience the warmth of a colorful holiday in Sri Lanka.

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