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What I offer: Trekking tours all over Morocco

Location: Zagora

Experience: 2005

Profession: Guide

Language: English, French, Arabic

Booking: Individual Bookings

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About me

Mbark (the fox of Sahara) was born in the desert. Of the tribe of Sahrawi: nomads of the region. He was born somewhere in the heart of the Sahara between Morocco and Mauritania. He grew up in the desert and got to know him well.

When you are with Mbark we quickly perceive that the desert "is listening." His senses are sharpened and he has heard or seen something before you ... a real man of the desert!

Mbark is desert and mountain Guide and know perfectly the Saharan region south of Zagora I wander through since my childhood. I lived in the desert with my nomadic tribe until the age of 20 years.

He has a real passion for the desert and listen to talk is an intense pleasure...

Graduated from CFAMM (Centre for Training Professionals Mountain) Tabant (Morocco).

Work experience

01/2005 to this dayWork with many travel agency in morocco before i make my travel organisation.Desert morocco


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