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What I offer: Kilimanjaro climbing and all safaris in Tanzania

Location: Moshi

Foundation: 2001

Profession: Agency

Language: English

Booking: Individual Bookings

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About us

We are dedicated tour operator based in Tanzania under directorship of David and Violetta who are founders and overall in charge of the business. There is more to leadership than knowing the mountain and getting people to the top. They leadership within his community, outstanding and an outspoken advocacy for sustainable living and conservation, make up credibility for potential tourist to seek after for his help and advice

David’s leadership skills and translate naturally to mountaineering expeditions. As a licensed Kilimanjaro guide, he has made more than 200 ascents. David is dedicated to the safety and well-being of his clients. He is certified in wilderness First Aid. David’s mission is to make his company’s reputation the finest by delivering a high standard of medical training to his team of guides. He is an expert mountaineer, including technical rock and ice climbing.

As directors, David and Violetta personally accompany each group to ensure they have a great experience. They looks forward to getting to know each guest individually, and to showing his broad knowledge of natural and culture history. Above all, Violetta and David recognizes that a successfully ascent is a happy one! That is why our trips are comfortable, fun, and carefully paced. They knows that overall responsibility for the success of an expedition lies with him and for more than 9 years David has delivered on that responsibility.

Work experience

01/2001 to this dayMountain Guide in Kilimanjaro and all safaris in TanzaniaMoshi-Kilimanjaro


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