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CORONASICHER - Potsdam: an overview

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Location: Potsdam

Period of time: 2h

Price: 19,99€ per adult  

Category: Stadttouren


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Berlin, Potsdam & the surrounding a...

Organisational Details

Participants: 2-9 person (Open tour)

Registration:3 days before deadline

Languages:German, English

Booking option:Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

Potsdam - over 1000 years old - is so very different from Berlin!

In the 17th century raised to the residence, in the 18th century garrison has become it is of course famous for the summer palace of Frederick the Great - Sanssouci!

But Potsdam has so much more to offer. Walking through the old town along the old city wall, you'll see what was once the most expensive condominium in Brandenburg and the last canal of the Oranians in the city.

The tour ends at one of the most beautiful squares in Germany, which you can now also find in Potsdam.





NOTE: Participation is subject to hygiene regulations (1.5m distance).

CORONA NOTE: for corona safe participation in the tour you need a smartphone, a charged battery and the free app ' - Live Tour'.


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Photos der Tour

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