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CORONASICHER The Berlin government district on foot

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Location: Berlin

Period of time: 2h

Price: 19,99€ per adult / children 12,16€  

Category: Stadttouren


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Organisational Details

Participants: 2-9 person (Open tour)

Registration:3 days before deadline


Booking option:Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

Germany's history gathers on the manageable grounds of Berlin's government quarter.

Whether Prussian history (then Ministry of the Interior), German Reich, Weimar Republic and Third Reich (Reichstag building), 'GDR' (death strip) or Berlin Republic (Band Des Bundes)...

This is where it all comes together!

Let the entire government district with its numerous historical strands - which ultimately all run into each other - be explained in detail.

Understanding German history can nowhere be conveyed too compactly!

In addition, the numerous sculptures are also described and their symbolic meaning explained.





NOTE: Participation is subject to hygiene regulations (1.5m distance).

CORONA NOTE: for corona safe participation in the tour you need a smartphone, a charged battery and the free app ' - Live Tour'.


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