Meet history and taste vine in Sremski Karlovci

Novi Sad area, Serbia
Period of time: 4h
Price: from 66,30€ per group (Scale price)
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Scale price: from 1 person 27,63€ per group
from 1 person 27,63€ per group
from 1 person 27,63€ per group
from 1 person 27,63€ per group

Participants: 1-45 person (Only group booking)

Languages: English, Croatian, Spanish, Russian

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Description of Tour

Even Roman Emperors knew that Fruska Gora is a perfect place for vine growing. They started vine production in our region and we just continued it... Sremski Karlovci is the smallest municipality in Serbia, however its rich history and cultural heritage gives special place on the tourist map of Serbia to it. As you enter the historical core you will wonder wheather you are still in Serbia or you somehow find yourself in an old and small Austrian town on the riverbank of Danube. Charming arhitecture, lovely square and friendly people will help you enjoy your visit. You'll find out that in this town oldest school among Serbians was found, and t still works. Also theology school, second oldest in the Orthodox world is still open and receives young en willing to become Orthodox priests in future. Almost one century this town was seat of Serbian Orthodox Church. Lions at the entrance of Patriarchate Court represent power which this townd had during the past time. Sremski Karlovci is also a place famous of first round table in the history of international diplomacy where great war between Austria and Turkey had its ending episode. You'll be taken to a place that belog to all the people of Europe, a place where one of most importatn European Peace Treaties was signed... What is also Sremski Karlovci famous of is vine. Around 20 vineries you will find here. Those vineries are open for all vine lovers and vine tasting is must to do while here. The most famous vine from Sremski Karlovci, Bermet was on the vine list of Titanic. What happened with Titanic we all know, but did you know what captain drunk that night? We'll tell you during the visit, but you have to promise it will remain our top secret. 



Guided visit of Sremski Karlovci, visit of Karlovci Grammar Shool, Patriarchate Court, entrance to Orthodox Cathedral Church, entrance to Catholic Church, visit of Chapel of Virgin Mary of Peace, vine tasting in vinery.




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