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Fruska Gora Monasteries

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Ort: Novi Sad

Dauer: 5h

Preis: ab 82,88€ je Gruppe (Staffelpreis)

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Guiding in Serbia

Organisatorische Details

Staffelpreis: ab 1 Teilnehmer 66,30€ je Gruppe
ab 0 Teilnehmer 66,30€ je Gruppe

Teilnehmer: 1-45 Teilnehmer (Nur Gruppenanmeldung)

Sprachen:Englisch, Kroatisch, Spanisch, Russisch

Buchbarkeit:Buchung zum Festpreis

Beschreibung der Tour

Fruska Gora is a mountain in Vojvodina, Serbia. Once an island in Panonian sea, today a mountain, national park and place to meet guardians of Serbian national identity during the turbulent histiry of this region. Imagine that once you could find more then 35 and today 17 Orthodox monasteries on an area not bigger then 500km2. Although monks looked for solitude in the past, today they are looking forward to meet and greet religuos people and tourists. Churches represent galleries of fresco-paintings and icons. Interesting architecture and wild nature will hook you... Nearby farm-houses and their hosts will tell you local stories and legends while pouring local vine and brendy...



The price includes tourist guide services (60 € with respect to the general group), entrance to monasteries, possibility of organizing lunch in farm-house (salas). Number of monasteries depending on group's wish.


Donation to Monasteries (1EUR)


Appropriate clothing is required to visit the monasteries. Sleeveless clothing and shorts are prohibited. Women must wear skirts below the knees. Men's arms must be covered and they must wear long pants. 

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