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MTB riding technique training

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Location: Fischbachau

Period of time: 4h

Price: 71,83€ per adult / children 49,73€  

Category: Fahrradtouren

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Franz Xaver
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Mountain bike driving technique cou...

Organisational Details

Participants: 2-6 person (Open tour)

Registration:1 days before deadline


Booking option:Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

Exercises for balance, dexterity, proper braking, cornering technique, uphill, downhill, tips and tricks

⇒ gives security, saves energy, increases motivation
⇒ is fun
⇒ sense of achievement guaranteed !

The requirements that "mountain biking makes, are in reality not comparable with normal cycling. Fear of descents, incorrect braking and cornering technique and excessive wear of strength increase the risk of falling and thus the risk of injury considerably.

With a technique training they learn to control their sports equipment and not vice versa!
In addition, what is learned is very useful even in normal road traffic and helps to avoid accidents.

The training is carried out on a small tour in easy terrain. Since mainly technical exercises are done, there are no special requirements regarding fitness.

Participation is at your own risk. The exercises are voluntary.



Break catering


Arrival and departure


It is mandatory to wear a helmet, gloves and suitable clothing, as well as to ride a functional mountain bike.

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