Cascade Range Adventure

Seattle, United States
Period of time: more than 24h
Price: 1099,48 € per adult  

Organisational Details

Participants: 1-18 person (Open tour)

Languages: German, English

Booking option: Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

We drive through the Cascade Mountains from Seattle to San Francisco: exploring the famous "Ring of Fire" along the way. Our journey begins at the top of the Space Needle and takes us down to the famous Seattle Fish Market. We follow the Pacific Crest Trail along the volcanoes Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens and Crater Lake to the land where even the tallest people feel small: Redwoods National Park is home to the largest trees on earth! Our destination is San Francisco with the world famous Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, Alcatraz and the melting pot of different cultures. The journey is the destination and the spacious Overland vehicle offers plenty of room, tables for playing cards, individual overhead compartments for daypack or camera gear and wood for the campfire is also on board!

Day 1-2: Arrival, first meeting and dinner together, Day 2 time for sightseeing in Seattle, e.g. Space Needle and Pike Place Market (H)
Day 3-4: Hiking and wildlife viewing in Mt. Rainier National Park. Rainier (C)
Day 5-6: Circumnavigation of the last active volcano in the Cascade Mountains (C)
Day 7-8: Around Crater Lake: hiking, swimming,... (C)
Day 9: The World's Tallest Trees (C)
Day 10: Last day on the Golden Gate Bridge and at Peer 39/Fischerman's Wharf in San Francisco, tour ends this day

H = Hotel C = Camping U = Possible Upgrade
*Tour itinerary subject to change due to given local circumstances*

15.09.2013 to 09/24/2013
09.03.2014 to 05/18/2014
15.09.2014 to 09/24/2014

The wealth and splendor of the city of Seattle is largely due to the large deposits of natural resources throughout the area. Seattle is picturesquely located on Pudget Sound and boasts many attractions including the Space Needle, Pike Market Place, artist and music projects, and Klondike Gold Rush National Park. Included in the price is a visit to the Space Needle and a guided tour of the farmers market at Pike Place Market.

Especially in the fall, the colors in Mt. Rainier National Park are breathtaking. We find a wide variety of berries and mushrooms on the hundreds of hiking trails or are lucky enough to spot moose. We spend two nights in the national park to have enough time to explore the flora and fauna of autumnal Mt Rainier National Park.

Mount St. Helens erupted so violently on May 18, 1980 that the gas and ash cloud was ejected over 24 km into the atmosphere. The last minor eruption occurred in 2008 and so the landscape is marked by volcanic activity: numerous flowers grow on the volcanic soil, new forests and lakes are emerging and the crater of Mount St Helens is still growing.
***Optional: Helicopter Flight $200-$300***

Over 7000 years ago, the former volcano collapsed in on itself and its lawa chambers, creating a 10km crater lake. Snowmelt and rainwater caused the lake to become almost 600m deep, making the crater lake the ninth deepest lake on earth! We will drive around the lake, hike down and maybe even swim - who can resist the crystal blue water?
***Optional: Boat Tour $25***

Time to embrace the largest trees on earth! Here, there are trees that grow up to 110 meters tall. Most trees reach an age of 500 to 700 years, but some of these giants are over 2000 years old! However, this forest has not only trees to offer, but an incredible variety of animals and plant species.

Our last stop is San Francisco and we explore this diverse and beautifully located city on the Pacific Ocean together.The fog can roll in over the mountains at any time, so we waste no time and head to the Golden Gate Bridge. Finally, we'll enjoy fresh fish at Fischerman's Wharf and wind down our Cascade Range Adventure.

***If you want to spend an extra day in San Francisco and visit Alcatraz, you should book this through us in advance. Trips are usually booked up well in advance! Alcatraz Boat Tour $30***

*Prices for optional activities are subject to change and are only a guide*




  • 10 days round trip in Overland vehicle (converted USA school bus)
  • Overnight stays in hotel/lodge/tent in DR/MZ
  • German/English speaking guide, international group
  • Seattle: Space Needle and Farmers Market
  • All National Park Entrances
  • Various Hikes
  • San Francisco: Golden Gate Bridget, Fisherman's Wharf
  • Camping equipment (without sleeping bag, sleeping pad)
  • All camping meals are included in the kitty price

Not included in the price are flight, ESTA fees, not enumerated meals and drinks as well as tips, if applicableFor the camp meals, overnight stays and included activities is on sitea so-called Kitty of 550 USD to pay in cash. The community cash box is managed responsibly and transparently by the tour guides. Everyone can have insight into the expenses. If there is something left over at the end, the balance will be divided again to everyone. In this way, we manage to offer an extremely affordable tour price.




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