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Munich running

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Location: Munich

Period of time:1h

Price: 99,45 € per group

Category: Sightjogging

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Sight Jogging Munich

Organisational Details

Participants: 1-3 person (Only group booking)

Languages:German, English

Booking option:Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

You decide your tour.With your booking you tell us from which hotel you want to be on the road and for how long and where your training and sightseeing priorities lie. We respond individually to your wishes and advise you gladly. This way you can enjoy a tour that is optimally tailored to you in terms of content and route!



We offer to pick you up from your hotel and of course deliver you back there in time safe and sound! Please give us your hotel with address with your booking. We will charge you at least 1 hour. The duration of a tour depends on your wishes. If we can assume that the performance of the participants is homogeneous, we are happy to run at one and the same price with a total of up to 3 participants.


Not included in our fees are possible entrance fees, any food, the use of public transport and a taxi.


In any case, we assume sports health. As already mentioned, we are guided by your wishes with the requirements of the respective tour and therefore assume that you realistically assess your performance. We assume that you wear appropriate running clothes for the weather conditions. You run with us at your own risk and your own health risk.

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