The multicultural district of Praga

Warschau, Poland
Period of time: 2h
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1The Brzeska street

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Participants: 1-30 person (Open tour)

Languages: German

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Description of Tour

Located on the right bank of the Vistula and just a few minutes from the Old Town, Praga differs significantly from Warsaw west of the Vistula. This commercial and industrial district was once a cultural melting pot where Christians, Jews and Orthodox lived peacefully together. On the 2-hour city tour you will explore the once multicultural as well as today's Praga on the move. You see sacred buildings, wayside shrines, apartment buildings and brick factories that are currently being converted into cultural centers. You will learn about business people and benefactors for whom the right bank has become an Eldorado. You will learn what connects Praga with the Czech capital and how three quarters of the houses here survived the Second World War with hardly any damage. But also why under communism the old houses did not fit the idea of ​​the new man and how Praga became a symbol of free trade. You will also get to know Jewish Warsaw, which was mostly spared from the war on the right bank. Here you will discover the original Jewish houses, shops and a mikveh. No wonder Roman Polański chose the streets of Praga as an authentic film backdrop for the story of the pianist who managed to escape from the Warsaw ghetto. The plot of Niki Caro's film “The Zoo Director's Wife” is also based on the authentic story that took place in Praga, in the zoo director's villa. Right here you can get a good impression of how Warsaw looked like before the war. Discover this exciting trend district! Experience Praga up close!



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