Guided tour of Grado

Grado, Italy
Period of time: 2h
Price: 195 € per group

Organisational Details

Participants: 1-30 person (Only group booking)

Languages: German, English, Italian, Dutch

Booking option: Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

Venetian flair

On a coastal dune between land and sea, Grado lies in the middle of the northernmost lagoon of the Adriatic and looks back on over 1600 years of history. Traces can still be seen today in the alleys of the antique Castrum Romanum. It is also called the daughter of Aquileia and the mother of Venice. During the tour, I will explain why.

Two-hour tour

During the 2-hour tour, we will visit the most important and interesting art monuments:

  • The Basilica of Sant'Eufemia
  • The Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie
  • Remains of the Basilica della Corte
  • The alleys of the old town
  • Short walk on the pier overlooking the Adriatic Sea




Guided tour with explanation



Participants should be good on their feet
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