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Valentine's Day Pub Crawl

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Location: Budapest

Period of time: 4h

Price: 36,40€ per adult  

Category: Kneipen Tour


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Organisational Details

Participants: 1-10 person (Open tour)


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Description of Tour

Are you tired of the notion that ‘you have to have a valentine’s day date’? You had enough ofyour parents ever-repeating question about future grandkids? Are you filled with being on theLonely Hearts mailing list? Would you just like to have a laid-back night in the city far fromeveryone’s bs and spend Valentine’s Day the way YOU want it? Join us for a Valentine’s Daypub crawl where we experience the infamous ruin bars scene of the classic city of Budapest andhave the Valentine’s Day of your life (yes it does exists!).



  • Drinks
  • One of the most iconic and classical bar scene of Europe (3 ruin bars +1 club)
  • Party the night away in One of the most happening clubs of the city
  • FUN. With capitals.


This tour is only for over 18's.

Photos der Tour

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