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Car Tour Dreistadt

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Location: Gdańsk

Period of time: 7h

Price: 464,10 € per group

Category: Stadttouren


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Tours in Poland (Danzig-Gdynia-Sopo...

Organisational Details

Participants: 2-10 person (Only group booking)

Languages:German, English, French, Polish

Booking option:Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

Gdansk with Sopot and Gdynia form the Tricity. Each is different and has certain characteristic features. It starts from Gdansk, the oldest, offering massive gothic and ornate renaissance buildings, through Oliwa with the baroque cathedral and the beautiful organ with movable elements. Then Sopot, a spa and Baltic seaside resort which has a summer promenade atmosphere. There you can see houses with art nouveau elements and windows and walk along the longest wooden pier in Europe. And finally Gdynia, the hope of the 2nd Republic of Poland after World War I, a modern, spacious city with a collection of modernist architecture in the city centre.

20-min organ playing tickets, Sopot sea jetty tickets.




20-min organ playing tickets, Sopot lake pier tickets.


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NawaSufit Fasada 1 Letnica Arena 007 Grobowiec SopotNiepodlegoci 093 Franc.Ambo