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Visit to the palace city of the Alhambra

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Location: Granada

Period of time: 3h

Price: 182 € per group

Category: Geschichte und Archäologie

2015 05 Spanien0105

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Organisational Details

Participants: 1-10 person (Only group booking)

Languages:German, English, Spanish

Booking option:Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

The famous Alhambra in Granada is a palace city. From here the Nasrid dynasty ruled Al-Andalus for almost 250 years before it was finally handed over to the Christians. It was the last piece of their paradise.

We will visit the whole palace city, i.e. the defensive complex, the Nasrid palaces and also the summer residence of the Generalife with its gardens. The visit will take about 3 hours.



Tour of the palace city of the Alhambra with all the sections.


Tickets for the Alhambra.

I am an official city guide in Granada and therefore also for the Alhambra. As such, I am not allowed to buy tickets for my guests. You buy tickets from the following website: You need ALHAMBRA GENERAL tickets. They will be available for sale on this website from 3 months before the date you wish to visit. They are nominative. Please purchase tickets as early as possible. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact me. I will try to help you.


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Palace of Charles V Ceiling Abencerrajes hall City of the Alhambra