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Independent Balaton Excursion

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Location: Budapest

Period of time: 9h

Price: from 326,63€ per group (Scale price)

Category: Rundfahrten


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Organisational Details

Scale price: from 4 person 375,38€ per group
from 5 person 404,63€ per group
from 6 person 438,75€ per group
from 7 person 472,88€ per group

Participants: 1-7 person (Only group booking)


Booking option:Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

With the self-guided Balaton tour and transfer you will be able to have an unforgettable trip of the largest lake in Central-Europe while keeping your independence and staying comfortable. Hop in your classy transfer in front of your accommodation and let your English speaking local driver take care of your journey while you are kicking back in the passenger seat. Throughout this day-long excursion you will be exploring the northern bank of the lake, with towns like Balatonfüred, Tihany and Badacsony. Your guide will point you towards the must see places and the most beautiful parts of the lake, so you can be free as a bird while exploring these romantic little lakeside places. Take a swim in the clean water during summer or just feast your eyes on the magnificence of the Balaton with its quiet little settlements and sailing boats surrounded by nature at her most graceful! The city of Balatonfüred is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Budapest with several famous and less well-known but all the more authentic restaurants to discover. Talk to your driver to show you the best of the best or keep to your handy map and do the exploring for yourself. Upon arriving to Tihany in your comfortable transport car, you will know right away why it is considered one of the most spectacular lands of the country. With its glorious abbey on the top of the hill and the breath-taking inner lake surrounded by the untouched flora and fauna of the region, you will hardly want to leave. But trust us; it is also worth to see the last destination of the tour! Badacsony is a truly authentic settlement on the top of a little mountain with a stunning view to the whole Balaton region. See some of the historical churches and buildings and explore the famous wine culture of the Balaton, the most authentic way possible: holding a glass of homemade red nectar while sitting on the balcony of its respective vineyard. Don’t forget to buy a few bottles of the best ones either. Just make sure you can pack them all into your shipped baggage. After the long day of lakeside small towns you can rest your tired legs inside the comfy transport as you are riding back to your accommodation in Budapest with all the loot you’ve collected and tons of fresh memories floating in your head waiting to be digested.



  • Visit the three most beautiful towns around the lake (Balatonfüred, Tihany and Badacsony)
  • Bottle of mineral water

Photos der Tour

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