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City walk Genoa

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Location: Genoa

Period of time: 3h

Price: from 175,50€ per group (Scale price)

Category: Rundgänge

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Organisational Details

Scale price: from 1 person 175,50€ per group
from 25 person 188,50€ per group
from 35 person 201,50€ per group
from 40 person 208€ per group

Participants: 1-40 person (Only group booking)

Languages:German, English

Booking option:Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

The city walk through the city center of Genoa shows the city at its most charming. On this tour you have the opportunity to see a lot and do some sport. Without any stress with great panorama points and exciting experiences.
Discover with us an exciting tour of the old town of Genoa, from Roman times to the modern era. On foot or with your bus, through history, art and culture, we enjoy the day in the proud Maritime Republic.
The origins and the first inhabitants of Genoa are shrouded in the darkness of history. The first settlement probably went back to Phoenician merchants. In 205 BC Genoa came to the Roman Empire and experienced rapid structural development. This led to the fact that the city expanded to the sea in the form of a network of streets, the famous "Caruggi". In the 10th century the city was besieged by Arabs several times and in the 12th century the danger of Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa forced Genoa to build a city wall.
With the Genoa old town tour and hike, we start with a visit to Piazza San Giorgio, the old Roman forum. From here went the old Strada Postumia, which allied Genoa with Aquileia in Friuli. From San Giorgio we walk the Decumano in via San Bernardo and we reach one of the most beautiful Romanesque churches in Genoa: San Cosma e Damiano. The old stone facade and the bell tower mark the church which is almost hidden in the middle of the old houses.
Now let's move on to the Roman-Byzantine period. Visiting Santa Maria di Castello and piazza Sarzana we reach the first center of Genoa. The church of Santa Maria di Castello was built by the Como master “Antelami” in the 12th century. The Annunciation by Giusto von Ravensburger hangs in the loggia on the first floor.
We can plan a short snack break with a tasting of Farinata. The flat focaccia baked with chickpea flour can be enjoyed in the mornings and afternoons.

Photos der Tour

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