The Catalan Pyrenees - landscape and nature

Barcelona, Spain
Period of time: 12h
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Participants: 2-9 person (Only group booking)

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Languages: German, Spanish

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Description of Tour

Suggested are various walks and routes in the beautiful Valley of Camprodon, where you can visit small villages and Romanesque churches, but also go into the middle of nature via mountain paths of alpine character. There is something for all tastes and levels on the following sample routes I have suggested:

- Stone Hut Routes (two options). Learn about the rural heritage of the area and enjoy the breathtaking views! Two- to four-hour hikes amid vast meadows and former high altitude fields, now home to numerous herds of cattle and sheep. For all levels.

- Excursion to a now abandoned former Grenzner barracks in the middle of the mountains with unforgettable views of the higher peaks and the Mediterranean Sea in the distance. The hike is in the midst of beautiful, wide meadows with a gentle ascent. Four-hour excursion for all levels.

- Ascent through the dense forests of the Pyrenees to the abandoned village of Feitús. This involves crossing the same river 5 times on foot. In good weather in summer, there is the possibility to refresh yourself at a small bathing place in the river. The village of Feitús itself consists of crude, old stone buildings, which provide an impression of how people lived here not so long ago. A visit well worth making! Four-hour hike for all levels!

- Climb to the top of Costabona (2,448 m), followed by a round trip along a dirt road with enormous panoramic views, connecting two valleys. The hike itself takes about 3 hours, some physical fitness is advised!

- River hike near the small village of Setcases, with ascent through one valley and descent through another. On this route you walk along two beautiful mountain rivers surrounded by indescribable flora and fauna. Four-hour hike with various swimming opportunities in crystal clear, fresh waters. With some training, for all levels.

- For the brave: bathing in a mountain lake at 2,400 m,with the possibility of then climbing the 2,845 m Pic de Bacivers peak behind it. A four to six hour hike with a strong alpine character, without any danger, but which requires a certain fitness. And if your strength still hasn't failed, you can also additionally climb the adjacent 2,884 m Bastiments peak, with descent and return by a different route. For me, the best mountain hike in this zone!

- Romanesque route: unforgettable XI and XII century churches. Century in Camprodon, Llanars, Molló, Rocabruna and Beget, with final village visit in Beget and a possible river bath in clean, clear waters. These churches all represent a clear, unequivocal example of Catalan mountain Romanesque architecture not found elsewhere. Approximately four-hour route by car/minibus with occasional walks in the above-mentioned towns. There is the possibility of getting to know traditional Catalan cuisine in Beget.

- Addition to the Romanesque route: on the outward or return journey, the two excellent Romanesque monasteries in Ripoll and Sant Joan de les Abadesses can be visited. Santa Maria de Ripoll has a unique 12th-century sculpted west portal, an incomparable two-storey cloister and quite a few count's tombs from the early days of Catalonia. And Sant Joan de les Abadesses shines with a magnificent 12th-century monastic church, a Gothic cloister and an equally Gothic wooden sculptural ensemble of a Deposition from the Cross.

- This is as far as the Romans got: a tour of classical antiquity along the Roman Road of Sant Pau de Segúries. Two-hour walk for all levels.

- Other routes and mountain walks can be organised by arrangement in this beautiful Pyrenean valley. ask me!

Day trip with round trip in car/minibus/bus and pick up from your accommodation, or two-(or more)-day trip with overnight stay in hotel or country house (Casa Residència de Pagés).

Distance from Barcelona: approx. 130 km. Travel time: about 1.45 hours.



Pick up at your hotel. Please give me the address of your hotel in Barcelona when booking.

If a multi-day trip is desired, I will take care of booking car/van and hotel room.


Admission tickets, tickets, meals, drinks, souvenirs, etc.This day or multi-day trip must be made by car or minibus. If necessary, overnight stay in hotel or country house. Costs for this on request.


Appropriate physical fitness for the aforementioned excursions and hikes.


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