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Prenzlberg neighborhood stroll

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Location: Berlin

Period of time: 2h

Price: from 16,58€ per person (Scale price) / children 11,05€ / discounted 16,58€  

Category: Rundgänge


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Organisational Details

Scale price: from 5 person 22,10€ per person
from 10 person 16,58€ per person

Participants: 2-20 person (Open tour)

Registration:7 days before deadline


Booking option:Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

Everyday life in Berlin takes place less in the tourist centers in the center of Berlin than in the individual city quarters, the so-called "Kiezen". Berlin is actually made up of several cities that have grown together over time and were only united in 1920 to form Greater Berlin. Many of these quarters have been able to retain their own character despite war and division.

Since reunification, the Prenzlauer Berg district in particular has enjoyed great popularity. The Gründerzeit quarter has been exemplarily redeveloped after years of decay. Above all, however, the colourful life in the streets is fascinating. In summer, the numerous street cafes create an almost Mediterranean flair.


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