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Iran land of ancient

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Location: Shiraz

Period of time:more than 24h

Price: 1664€ per adult  

Category: Stadttouren

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Ali Reza
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Organisational Details

Participants: 1-3 person (Open tour)


Booking option:Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

The order of cities & places depends on different conditions like airplane ticket availability, weather condition and...

We will visit Tehran & Shiraz as the major cities of the plan and take a one day trip to one of Iran deserts and Qeshm Island

  • We stay 2 or 3 days it Tehran
    • Day 1: take a walk to old streets of Tehran & visiting museums like The national jewelry museum of Iran with its invaluable & greatest treasures such as “sea of light” diamond (the biggest pink diamond of the world)
    • Day 2: visit the palaces of ex Iran kings and Tehran crowded bazaar, buying souvenirs for the ones you love & yourself of course.
    • Day 3: (if accepted) take a half day hike in mountain around Tehran, fresh making & also taking breakfast & lunch there
    • We take a one day trip to desert and see & feel the beauty & endless silence of desert deep to your heart
    • We stay 4 days in shiraz
      • Day 1: visit the ruins of Persepolise for the most amazing part of tour aged 25 centuries ago, remnants of the first, largest empire in human history. Of course there is the most tourist attraction place for my country people. At the night we pay visit to the biggest mall in Iran
      • Day 2-4: visiting Shiraz monuments, poet’s tombs, and Holly shrines, ancient bazaar of Shiraz, beautiful gardens and shopping malls, parks for breath fresh making.

Our daily tour start with visiting beautiful gardens & is kept on with visiting monuments, eating Shiraz local food like kababs in traditional restaurants of Iran also modern ones , tasting faloodeh.

Visiting Hafez tomb (second tourist attraction in Iran) that influenced Goethe (German writer and statesman), the holly shrine of “shah cheragh” that its ceiling is the 7th beauty ceiling in the world, the pink mosque, the mosque of lights, old Shiraz house

You can stay in traditional hotel in Shiraz if you were interested in.

  • We fly to Qeshm island at morning & fly back at night, paying visit to loess structure, Hara special jungle (drown at water), walk in a strike-slip fault or may see salt cave(too dangerous) if we had enough time not to miss the flight.

You will surely take many pictures of your journey and it will be so memorable that you never forget it.

I will pick up you from Tehran or Shiraz airport international airport. Reserve hotel and make you feel completely comfortable. You may leave Iran from Tehran, Shiraz or Qeshm international airport with smile.

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  • Lunch & dinner
  • Transportation within city


Photos der Tour

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