Šibenik, Croatia
Period of time: 9h
Price: 93,93 € per adult  
Category:: Laufen und Wandern

Organisational Details

Participants: 2-8 person (Open tour)

Registration: 2 days before deadline

Languages: German, English, Croatian, Polish, Russian

Booking option: Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

Gorge Surdup is located at the far North of the Šibenik-Knin County, 20 kilometers Northeast of town Knin, near the border with Bosinia and Herzegovina. Mysterious gorge which lengdt is 3 kilometers, drawn into Northwest mounatin Dinara massif falls still in the wild and pristine nature.

The impressive gorge is sqeezed by steep wooded slopes, high cliffs and pitoresque stone hips, with upper edges which rises to the impressive 600 meters. Through the gorge flows Rakov potok (Crab's stream) with water so pure and still inhabited by crayfish.  

The first part of trip is trekking along marked trail and the second part is off the trail. 



Equipment and staff: All equipment used is registred and certified at the EU and UIAA standrads. All cliensts must wear the helmet during the trip on places detirminated by guide. Professional guides are licensed Mountain guides by UIAA as well as registred at Croatian Mounatin Rescue Service. Staff memebers speak Croatian, English and German. Other langugaes on request. 

Hiking equipment: A helmet, harness, ropes. 



Degree od difficulty: medium difficulty tour. Caution when moving the wilderness.  Fitness level: Certain level od fitness is expected.  Previous experience: Not necessery.  Minimum age: 8 What to bring: backpack, hiking/trekking shoes, flashlight, headgear, sun glasses, food and drink.  Availability: All year. In winter the use of adequate winter mountaainaeering  equipment.  Special conditions: The operator has the right to cancel the trip without notice at their discretion, depending on weather conditions. All safety instructions from Gemma Delmatica's staff must be adhered to. 


Foundation 2015
What I offer: Hiking, Trekking, Canyoning, Earthing, Yoga
Location: Sibenik, Croatia
Language: German, English, Croatian, Polish, Russian
Booking: Tours with fixed price, Individual Bookings
Profession: Agency
Foundation: 2015