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Location: Sibenik

Period of time: 6h

Price: 77,35€ per adult  

Category: Trekking/Klettern


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Organisational Details

Participants: 2-8 person (Open tour)

Registration:2 days before deadline

Languages:German, English, Croatian, Russian

Booking option:Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

Čikola is the periodic river, whose riverbed dried in the summer turns into a stone desert, while in the winter and spring here govern wild water torrent. 

Because of the special configuration of the riverbed takes some skills to pass this area. One have to jump, wriggle and crawl. 

Narrow part of the canyon comes out at the foot of the medieval fortress of Ključica and wide green meadow. 

It is possible to climb the fortress from where is the fantastic view to the wellspring Torak and the mouth of the Čikola into the Krka river. 

Departure time: 08:00 a.m.

Grade: Medium difficulty



Equipment and staff: All equipoment used is registred and certified at the EU and UIAA standards. All customers must wear a helmet at the times while climbing. Proffesional guides are licensed Mountain guides by UIAA as well as registrated at Croatian Mountain Rescue Service. Staff memeber speak Croatian, English and German. Other languages on request. 

Canyoning Eguipment: A helmet, harness and rope. 


Fitness level: Minimum finess level is required. 

Minimun age: 8

Availability: June to September, or with modofication -  along the edge of the canyon during the time when river flows. 

River temperature: Between 15' and 21' C depending on the season. 

Swimming: depending on the time of the year, iti is possible to find the remains of the river water  in small lake forms polls. 

What to bring: Backpack, hiking/sport shoes, swimmimg suit, sun glasses, headgear, food and drink. 

Special conditions: The operatot has the right to cancel tours, without notice at their discertion depending on zhe weather conditions. All safety instructoins from Gemma Delmatica's staff must be adhered to. 

Photos der Tour

18 000 Na poetku puta podno sela Knezova foto J.G. Copy 25 000 U Sarani foto J.G. Copy 30 000 U suhom dijelu korita zvanom Podpandinovac foto J.G. Copy 58 000 Skrivena polupilja Biino odmaralite foto J.G. Copy 89 000 Voda je oblikovala korito na najneobinije naine foto J.G. Copy DSC08351 Copy