Romantic Old Town SA 10:30!

Wien, Austria
Period of time: 2h
Price: 37,70 € per adult / children 24,70 €  
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Participants: 2-15 person (Open tour)

Languages: German

Booking option: Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour


This public city tour takes place every SATURDAY (all year round) around 10:30 as well as in the months July and August additionally alsoevery WEDNESDAY at 16:30 and SATURDAY around 16:30 in German! If you wish changes in time or language, we offer it with the same content as an individual tour.


Romans, Jews and merchants: The High Market still bears witness to the traces of Vindobona. With the Berghof one of the oldest houses in Vienna stood here and the first public water pipe had its terminus here. The anchor clock gives a good impression of how much history has taken place here, on this square.

The Greek Quarter: Characterized by centuries of hustle and bustle of the merchants on the innermost branch of the Danube, it has always been hectic here. Not only the dear Augustin can sing a song about it in the truest sense of the word. The Turks fought here and the Greeks prepared their fight for independence here. Traces of history can be found at every corner.

Architectural diversity: From Gothic residential towers to medieval cobblestones, backyards from the Renaissance, Baroque city palaces, entire rows of houses from the Rococo period and magnificent Gründerzeit houses to individual elegant Art Nouveau houses, all architectural styles can be found in Vienna's Old Town.

Sagen und Legenden: Such a rich and eventful history is automatically associated with many stories and G'schichterl. Again and again people have tried to explain existing things by means of legends. Legend and reality may sometimes differ. Especially animals play an important role in this world of legends. And as ornaments on facades and fountains, they also make the hearts of children and adults beat faster.

The old university quarter: Secluded from traffic and hidden in the middle of the old urban jungle of houses is the Jesuit quarter. Accompanied only by the splashing of the fountain on the square in front of it, a look inside the Jesuit Church proves to be a treasure trove of baroque exuberance, of ecclesiastical demonstrations of power and the competition between painters and architects.

Narrow alleys and backyards: Some of the alleys are winding, narrow and anything but straight. The approaching enemy wanted to be seen best already from a distance. Just the thought of the hygienic conditions in the Middle Ages stimulates the imagination of how life and everyday life used to be. And just by opening a window, one's breath is taken away. Maybe someone hasn't got his chamber pot yet .......



State Certified Austriaguide for 2 h

Admissions, transportation, food amp; drinks (also not necessary) .


You should normally be able to walk and be at the meeting point 10 min before the start. This tour runs ALL YEAR every Wednesday at 4:30pm and Saturday at 10:30am!


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