WITHOUT ATTENDANCE Two Days - ISTANBUL Private flexible tour

Istanbul, Turkey
Period of time: 7h
Price: from 299€ per group (Scale price)
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Organisational Details

Scale price: from 2 person 299€ per group
from 4 person 331,50€ per group
from 6 person 397,80€ per group
from 8 person 442€ per group

Participants: 1-15 person (Only group booking)

Registration: 4 days before deadline

Languages: German, English, French, Turkish

Early Booking: from 35 days 10% discount

Booking option: Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

Without ATTENDANCE: Book your private tour guide for your stay in Istanbul for two days at once, who will take you to the places you really want to see.
Determine the program or rely on the suggestions of your Istanbul guide.
For example, on the first day you can devote yourself to the main sights of Istanbul and on the second day to the lesser-known attractions off the beaten track. There is so much to see and discover in the metropolis on the Bosphorus.

**Program Proposal**

**Day 1 - Istanbul Highlights**
Sightseeing Points: Hagia Sophia - Blue Mosque - Hippodrome - Topkapi Seraglio - Grand Bazaar
Let your private Istanbul tour guide pick you up right at your hotel and begin your tour of Istanbul's highlights. Visit the **Hagia Sophia**, the best-preserved church complex dating back to the 6th century. Hagia Sophia is a true masterpiece of architecture and, despite its enormous size, delights with its fine and elegant proportions. Admire the fantastic blend of Christian and Islamic elements in one and the same building.
Explore the **Blue Mosque** built for Sultan Ahmed in the early 17th century. The blue Iznik tiles gave the mosque its name. The six majestic minarets also make the sacred building a distinctive architectural treasure.
Next, visit the **Hippodrome** and the landmarks of today's Sultanahmet Square. Here you will find the German Fountain, which is a gift from 1898 from Wilhelm II, the Obelisk of Theodosius, which originated in Egypt, the Bronze Serpent Column and the Bricked Obelisk. In ancient Constantinople, the Hippodrome served as a center of sporting and political events.
Admire the **Topkapı Palace**, a fine example of Oriental architecture and home to an impressive collection of artworks, books, jewels, tableware, vestments, as well as the treasury and holy relics.
The final stop on this tour is the **Great Bazaar**, the oldest and largest covered bazaar in the world, home to the heart of the Old City. At the end of the tour, either browse the market's myriad stalls or be transferred back to your hotel.

**Day 2 - Bosphorus Cruise and New Town**
Sightseeing Points: Spice Bazaar - Bosphorus boat ride - Dolmabahce Palace - Istiklal St. and Taksim
Experience a seemingly endless and intoxicating array of spices, teas, Turkish treats like lokum or baklava and nuts at the covered **Spice Bazaar**. But also keep an eye out for ceramic products, oriental household items, small souvenirs and much more. Enjoy the fascinating offer and the great smells.
The **Bosporus** is one of the busiest waterways and connects the Black Sea with the Marmara Sea. From here, shipping traffic continues across the Dardanelles and into the Aegean Sea. Enjoy views of the Asian and European sides, the Galata Tower, riverside villas, Dolmabahce Palace, Rumeli Fortress and Anadolu Hisarı Fortress, Bosphorus bridges, mosques and much more during your boat ride on the historic waterways.
The **Dolmabahce Palace** was built in the mid-19th century right on the banks of the Bosphorus and served as the Sultan's residence. The palace offers breathtaking views of the Bosphorus, has beautiful natural wooden floors inside, great wall decorations, carpets, candlesticks, furniture pieces, paintings and fascinating handicrafts and artwork.
Finally, experience the hustle and bustle of Istiklal street. Immerse yourself in the colorful world of shops and brands, restaurants and cafes. This is also where Istanbul's vibrant nightlife reigns. An old historic tram that still runs here adds a historic charm to the atmosphere of the street.




  • Professional tour guide in your chosen language on two days
  • Pick up at hotel or port
  • Private tour with no other guests


Food and DrinksAdmission FeesTripsTransportationMeal Allowance for your RL (2x$15)


Because there are no other guests on this tour, the tour can be adapted for those with walking difficulties or families with children.If you are a group of more than 8 people please inform us before booking so that the price can be adjusted for you.Mosques are not museums, so there is no entrance fee but there is a dress code: Long pants and the ladies should have a headscarf with them, if not one is usually borrowed from the mosque. WITHOUT WAITING: Your private guide will chew your tickets/tickets in advance at the tour guide desk.At some museums there is a security check you can't skip.


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