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Valencia - Land and Markets

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Location: Valencia

Period of time: 2.5h

Price: 119,34 € per group

Category: Rundgänge


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Organisational Details

Participants: 1-30 person (Only group booking)

Registration:3 days before deadline

Languages:English, Spanish

Early Booking:from 21 days 20% discount

Booking option:Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

Valencian orchard and agricultural products are famous all over the world. But we don’t have to leave the city to know first hand what this region offers. This tour will affect the agricultural and commercial character of Valencia and how these activities have determined his history, his physiognomy and his character.

We will see two elements that have been declared World Heritage by the UNESCO. The first one is the Water Court, an institution with more than 1000 years of antiquity. It meets next to the Cathedral and one of the most ancient and beautiful squares of Valencia. We will visit the “Casa Vestuario”, where the members of the court dress with the typical blouse.

The second one is the Silk Exchange (Lonja), magnificent example of the civil Gothic style on the Market Square, the second most historical and interesting square in the centre of Valencia.

Later we will drive into the life of the city that focuses every day in the Central Market. This is the meeting place for the neighbors and where some of the best restaurants of Valencia are provisioned. Because of its wonderful modernist architecture and the quality of its products, it is worth a visit to this alive place.



  • Experienced official guide
  • “Casa Vestuario” and Central Market.


  • Silk Exchange entrance is not included. Price depends on the number of visitors: 2€ per person or 1€ for groups (10 or more).


  • Start point and time are flexible. The tour can be booked any day and any time, although the Central Market closes every evening and Sundays. The Water Court can be seen lively on Thursday at midday.

Photos der Tour

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