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Historical and cultural walking tour

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Location: Marrakesh

Period of time: 4h

Price: from 110,50€ per group (Scale price)

Category: Rundgänge


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Organisational Details

Scale price: from 2 person 66,30€ per group
from 6 person 88,40€ per group
from 10 person 110,50€ per group

Participants: 2-10 person (Only group booking)

Languages:English, French

Early Booking:from 28 days 10% discount

Booking option:Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

From Bab Agnow -the prettiest gate of Marrakech-you walk into the kasbah quarter to visit the Saadian tombs known as the Alambra of the city .from here  continue walking to the jewish district to see the stores and workshops of the best artisans of Marrakech.You finish your morning tour with the mostly visited palace of Marrakech the" Bahia". It dates back to 19thc with a beautifully astonishing architecture that you will never forget.



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Photos der Tour

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