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Basque Interior. Mountans, Waterfalls and Wildlife

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Ort: Bilbao

Dauer: 8h

Preis: 353,60 € je Gruppe

Kategorie Landschaften & Natur


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Taylor made tours of Euskal Herria ...

Organisatorische Details

Teilnehmer: 1-4 Teilnehmer (Nur Gruppenanmeldung)

Sprachen:Englisch, Spanisch

Gruppen:40% Gruppenrabatt ab 3 Personen

Buchbarkeit:Buchung zum Festpreis

Beschreibung der Tour

The Basque Country is a place which packs a great deal into a small area. You don't need to travel far. This short tour takes us through lush sheep farming country up onto a high plateau down into a desertic salt-pan and concludes in a the historic medieval quarter of Gasteiz

 Starting from Bilbao or Vitoria we make our first short stop in the village of Gujuli and it's spectacular water fall. Continuing through lush region of Quartango, famed for it traditional sheep's cheese we arrive in Orduña and ascend to the high plateau overlooking the Cañón de Délica. A short walk (20 min) takes us to the source of the River Nervión where a viewing platform affords spectacular views of this canyon and the cascade which plunges 222m into the ravine. This is also an excellent spot to observe Griffon and occasionally Egyptian vultures.

 We continue our route to Las Salinas de Añana a restored salt pan where salt has been harvested since 822AD. Lunch in the restaurant Palacio de Anana.

 We conclude our day with a tour of the medieval quarter of Vitoria/Gasteiz

 Total Distance 105km











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