Tour of St. Pauli - AB 18

Hamburg, Germany
Period of time: 2h
Price: 25,42 € per adult  
Category:: Stadttouren

Organisational Details

Participants: 1-90 person (Open tour)

Registration: 1 days before deadline

Languages: German

Booking option: Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

Discover how the legendary pub "Zur Ritze" got your name and visit the boxing cellar, where the Klitschko brothers and Mike Tyson have already trained.

Find out where the Kietz Klatscher has disappeared to and why there are so many celebrities in this quaint pub on some days. In front of the Olivias Wilde Jungs Stripclub it is especially exciting for women - because men are only allowed in there if they dance. Listen to interesting anecdotes and details about life and love in the red light district.

How do you get through the Herbertstraße as a woman? What is it about the Nutella gang? And what about your competition from the GMBH? Who controls St. Pauli, who was the godfather on the Kiez and how does the legal system work here? Find out if Jack the Ripper or a like-minded man were in Hamburg and finally experience a guided tour during the running of a Premier Show Club.



Visit the famous pub Zur Ritze

Get exclusive insider knowledge on exciting topics around St. Pauli

Hear the interesting stories about the Herbertstraße, Davidwache, Jack the Ripper in Hamburg, the Kiez and much more

See the boxing basement, where already the Klitschko brothers and Mike Tyson have trained

Learn where the Kietz Klatscher has disappeared

Get a brief insight into one of the hottest strip clubs in Hamburg

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