The Warsaw Ghetto

Warszawa, Poland
Period of time: 3h
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Participants: 1-4 person (Open tour)

Languages: German, English

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Description of Tour

Ghetto city tour: The theme of this city tour is the history of the establishment and liquidation of the largest ghetto in Europe. In just three years, Jewish Warsaw ceased to exist. This story took place in the heart of Warsaw. In 1940 the Warsaw Ghetto was established by the Nazis. 400,000 Jews from Warsaw and the surrounding area were crammed into an area of ​​4 km². 100,000 people died here of exhaustion, hunger and disease. 300,000 were transported to the Treblinka extermination camp. In 1943 an uprising broke out in response to an attempt to finally liquidate the Warsaw Ghetto. In an act of revenge, the Nazis reduced the area of ​​the ghetto to rubble and ashes. On this 4-hour ghetto city tour you will see streets, houses and places in the area of ​​the Warsaw Ghetto. You will visit real places and hear authentic stories. You will learn what the ghetto was and why the uprising broke out. Although the Warsaw Ghetto has long ceased to exist, it is important to know its history.
Tour program:
The last street in the ghettoThe Nożyk Synagogue, the only one to have survived from the pre-war periodFragments of the ghetto wallThe big and the small ghettoThe monument to the ghetto heroesThe Museum of the History of Polish JewsThe transshipment pointThe bunker on Miła St. 18thThe Jewish cemetery



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