Apuseni mountains

Oradea, Romania
Period of time: more than 24h
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Description of Tour

Apuseni Mountains

The Apuseni mountains are one among the most interesting touristic destinations from Romania. Karst topography, flora and fauna are some of the reasons why the area was declared a nature reservation. Local people the so called "moti", are famous for the wood carved objects they are still making for generations. Numerous wild gorges (Galbenei, Ordâncutii, Ariesului), sparkling waterfalls (Vârciorog, Valul Miresei, Evantai), huge and marvelous caves (Ponorului Fortresses, Altarului Cave, Live Fire Glacier, Scarisoara Glacier) and peaks (Bihorul, Piatra Grăitoare) adorn the Apuseni Mountains with true landscape treasures.

FIRST DAY :Start point Oradea or Cluj- Bologa - Chalet Vladeasa (we'll stay overnight in tent or chalet depending on weather conditions).Travel time around 8 hours. Level difference : around 1200 m. Altitude 1800 m.Trip distance around: 25 km .
SECOND DAY : Chalet Vladeasa - Piatra Tilharului (overnight in tent). Travel time: around 6 hours. Level difference :around 200 m. Altitude:1600m. Trip distance : around 20 km
THIRD DAY : Piatra Tilharului - Stina de Vale (we'll stay overnight in tent or chalet depending on weather conditions).Travel time : around 7 hours. Level difference: around :400 meters Altitudes : Piatra Tilharului around 1600 m; Stina de Vale around 1100m. Travel distance: around 25 km.
FOURTH DAY : Stina de Vale - Peak Poeni - The Radesei Fortreses - Padis - Glavoi.Travel time:around 6 hours. Level difference - 500 meters (we'll stay overnight in tent or chaletdepending on weather conditions). Altitudes: Peak Poeni 1615 m; Padis 1100 m. Travel distance :around 25 km
FIFTH DAY : Glavoi- Galbena Valley - Live Fire - Glavoi. Travel time around 7 hours. We overnight in the same place. Level difference : around 400m. Altitudes: Glavoi 1100 m - Galbena Valley 700m. Travel distance : around 25 km. 
SIXTH DAY: Glavoi - Padis- Radesei Fortresses - Somesului Cald Valley - retour .We overnight in the same place. Level difference : around 300 m . Travel time: around 10 hours. Altitudes : Padis 1100m - The Radesei Fortreses 900 m.Travel distance :around 30 km.
SEVENTH DAY : Glavoi - Fortresses of Ponor - Glavoi .We overnight in the same place. Level difference:50 m. Travel time :around 4 hours. Altitudes: Glavoi 1100 m - Fortresses of Ponor 1070m. Travel distance : around 10 km
EIGHTH DAY: Glavoi- Lost World - Glavoi. We overnight in the same place. Level difference :50 m. Travel time :around 3 hours. Altitudes: Glavoi 1100 m - Lost World 1050m, Campfire, party.
NINTH DAY : Glavoi - Scarisoara cave. (we'll stay overnight in tent or chalet depending on weather conditions).Level difference : around 300 m Travel time:around 7 hours. Trip distance :around 30 km.
TENTH DAY :Scarisoara cave - Girda de Sus - Oradea or Cluj Napoca



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Equipment: Mountain tent, sleeping bag, waterproof boots, isolier, rucksack, food for 10 days, aluminium flask, rain cloak, thick clothes, very good physical condition


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