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Varazdin - Town of Baroque, Music and Culture

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Location: Zagreb

Period of time: 6h

Price: from 55,25€ per person (Scale price)  

Category: Stadttouren

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Organisational Details

Scale price: from 1 person 303,88€ per person
from 2 person 154,70€ per person
from 4 person 77,35€ per person
from 6 person 55,25€ per person

Participants: 1-7 person (Open tour)

Languages:English, Croatian

Booking option:Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

We start this tour from your hotel in Zagreb, from where we go to Varazdin, a beautiful historic town, about an hour away from Zagreb. It gained popularity after high grades of respected tourism organizations.

During the 18th century it was the capital of Croatia, until unfortunate great fire. It is a town of different architectural styles, such as rennaisance, baroque, clasicism, however the most prominent one is baroque. It is also a town of bicycles - most people own one here because it's the easiest way to move around.

In Varaždin we will have meal/refreshment, casual and easy-going walk through the town, seeing its way of life, its attractions, and it's also possible to hire bikes should we want to, and to see two of its famous museums - the museum of bugs and the old castle.

Most people that see Varazdin feel enchanted by its beauty, and usually return feeling happy and glad that they visited it.



- My service,
- Transportation with all its costs (gasoline, toll, parking).
- Organization


- Meal
- Refreshment
- Optional museum visit