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Meet the Locals in Croatia

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Location: Zagreb

Period of time: 10h

Price: from 77,35€ per person (Scale price)  

Category: Gastronomie und Kochen

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Organisational Details

Scale price: from 1 person 464,10€ per person
from 2 person 232,05€ per person
from 4 person 116,03€ per person
from 6 person 77,35€ per person

Participants: 1-7 person (Open tour)

Languages:English, Croatian

Booking option:Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

This extended tour starts in the morning. We will pick you up at the place where you stay in Zagreb and will head North. We are going to visit Medimurje and Varazdin counties, with all their points of interests.

However, the key part of this tour is that we're going to visit two homes where we are going to be greeted and hosted by locals who live there. They will serve us with a traditional Northern Croatian meal and snack, and you will have a chance to see deeper the way of life here. By talking with them you will surely learn some of Croatian words and custom (don't worry, there isn't a custom that includes obligatory brandy or vodka ;)

After the tour we are going to return to Zagreb.



- transportation in full
- my service
- organization
- family visits
- traditional home-made meal and snacks
- sightseeing
- brochures


Everything is included in the price.

Photos der Tour

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