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Plitvice Lakes Exquisite Tour

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Location: Zagreb

Period of time: 9h

Price: from 55,25€ per person (Scale price)  

Category: Landschaften & Natur

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Organisational Details

Scale price: from 1 person 320,45€ per person
from 2 person 160,23€ per person
from 4 person 82,88€ per person
from 6 person 55,25€ per person

Participants: 1-7 person (Open tour)

Languages:English, Croatian

Booking option:Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

The tour starts from your hotel in Zagreb (Note: let me know if you would like to start this tour from Split or Zadar and I'll customize it for you). The Lakes are located about 2 hours from Zagreb. On our way we'll stop at Rastoke, charming little village built on waterfalls, rightly called a prelude to Plitvice.

Plitvice lakes are, according to many, the most beautiful National park in Croatia. Graded as one of the top 5 waterfalls in the world, they consist of 16 lakes, all of which are connected with many waterfalls.

The place really is worth a visit. I've guided many groups there and people are always stunned by its beauty. The climate is very favorable as well - during warm summer months the air is cool and refreshing.

The walk through the Park lasts for 3-6 hours (depending on the route we take), with breaks for meal/refreshments. After the tour you will be transported back to your Hotel.

Note: If you are 1-3 persons, we can go there with a rented car, which would lessen the cost of this tour.



My service, transportation from Zagreb to Plitivice lakes and back to Zagreb.


Ticket to the lakes, meal, refreshment.

Photos der Tour

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