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Location: Caracas

Period of time:more than 24h

Price: from 386,75€ per person (Scale price)  

Category: Laufen und Wandern


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Organisational Details

Scale price: from 2 person 442€ per person
from 5 person 386,75€ per person

Participants: 2-10 person (Open tour)

Languages:English, Spanish

Early Booking:from 35 days 10% discount

Booking option:Booking on fixed rate

Description of Tour

Reception at Simon Bolivar International Airport and complimentary Ciudad Bolivar or Puerto Ordaz to take another flight to Canaima.

Day 1

Arriving in Canaima , we will immediately heading to Puerto Ucaima pier where we board our Curiara (typical boat ) and remount first Carrao River for about twenty (20 ) minutes show the unique ecological admires Canaima , an ideal occasion to take all the pictures that you want.

Completed twenty ( 20) minutes , we stop at La Sabana Mayupa where we will walk around thirty ( 30) minutes , then continue browsing Carrao River . From this point, the environment will become a jungle , you start looking more closely at the Auyan Tepui ( " Audan Tüpü " ) , one of the hills or plateaus of rock , larger park , with several waterfalls in the rainy season .
Navigation continues ,

up to a bank of Carrao River, will be in The Well of Happiness ( " Saropa Kupai " ), a small waterfall with a natural pool , ideal for swimming and lunch , depending on weather and time availability site .
Later one (1 ) hour approximately penetrate with our boat , between the walls of Auyan Tepui ; navigate the river , will be the Churúm River cruise on the river , it takes approximately two ( 2) hours , amid fast and deep waters , in the way and thirty ( 30) minutes before arrival , you can spot the Angel ( " Kürepákupö Vená " ), that , if the clouds permit, and continue browsing the Churúm River to get to La Isla mouse.It disembark at La Isla Raton , trek starts an arduous one (1 ) hour , ascending through the jungle to the Mirador Salto Angel. From this natural viewpoint , you can behold the Angel ( nearly 1 kilometer in height), the highest waterfall in the world , if we have more time , continue for a few more minutes , until the Pozo Al Pie del Ángel, to take a dip in the refreshing waters , the Angel , can also be seen while swimming .

We return to La Isla Raton, walking one (1 ) time again , through the same path down the middle of the jungle, board our boat again, to cross our rustic camp , one (1 ) minute river down . After living a full day of adventure, night falls and is served at the table, a hearty and delicious roast chicken with their contours. Our rustic camp with bathrooms ( sinks and showers built ); tourists sleep in hammocks with blankets , facing the Angel Falls.

Day 2

After breakfast , we will take our route back towards the village of Canaima , in the same way ; soaring again, the Churúm River one (1 ) hour and Carrao River two (2 ) hours will be held again, the walk of thirty ( 30) minutes in the Sabana de Mayupa , then and finally navigating twenty ( 20) minutes , the Carrao River.
Disembark in Puerto Ucaima , we will go to camp, they will come around noon to Canaima. At the camp you will be served lunch , then more will be given your room.

Early in the afternoon, from the banks of the Canaima beach , board a pirogue ( typical boat) , will ply the waters of Laguna de Canaima , for a short time , knowing the jumps: Ucaima Swallow Wadaima and El Salto Hacha , ( " Ukaimö Vená ", " Köuchipa Vená ", " Wadaimö Vená " and " Waka Vená ").After this brief walk ashore on La Isla Anatoliy , to start a walk of fifteen ( 15) or twenty ( 20 ) minutes through the forest or savanna , to El Salto El Sapo ( " Pöröpá Vená ").

Having reached the Valle del Salto El Sapo , visitors can have the opportunity to swim in the Little Beach , if the latter, is accessible . Then we approach the waterfall and we introduce her to walk on the rocks , end- to-end hop behind , swirling air laden water, and tons of liquid mass falling within inches of you , make this Natural tunnel or passageway , a deafening environment, an exhilarating hike to be completely soaked. Note that in the summer season , El Salto El Sapo reaches absolutely dry completely.

After this and on the other end , contemplate the powerful profile of El Sapo , an ideal time to take good pictures ; continue for about five ( 5) minutes , through a short, upward path , reaching the summit a small jump , called : Jumping the Toad , then we head to the summit or Mirador del Salto El Sapo . El Mirador El Sapo , flatters stunning natural landscapes , a unique ecological scenery , apart from El Sapo and its lagoon , look : the vast savannah, dense jungle and imposing tepuis , all the exotic elements of Canaima , mixed and gathered in one place , spectacular views of nature , which can not escape from your camera or camcorder, we will observe a little while to relax and take a short .
After the ride back to the pier , walking fifteen ( 15) or twenty ( 20) minutes again, between savanna or forest , to take our boat and return. Although there is the possibility of walking into another jump, El Salto Hacha ( "Waka Vená " ), if we have more time available, and if El Salto Hacha, is not dangerous, it will visit and walk behind him , culminating this, we return to our camp across the lake again . Overnight visitors dine and stay in Canaima.

Day 3

After breakfast , the tourist will have the morning free , you can walk around the place , bathing beach , visiting souvenir shops, etc. .
Early in the afternoon, will be prepared for your flight back to their city of origin



Transfers Air Caracas -> Puerto Ordaz or Ciudad Bolívar -> Canaima and Return.
(The Air Services are solely responsible for their work).
Assistance from arrival to departure.activities listedAll Food and Beverages During the tourNo Alcoholic BeveragesCamp Country, For Hammocks With Blankets;No Private Services, Facing Angel, (1st Night).In Canaima Camp, Camp "Churúm", or Other Similar,In Single Room With Bed, Fan and Private Bath, (2nd Night).Experienced bilingual guide.Lifesavers for Every Tourist.First Aid Kit.Personal Care For Indigenous, natives of the region.Renters Liability Insurance



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