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Vicopisano, the fortress Brunelleschi, unknown

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Ort: Vicopisano

Dauer: 3h

Preis: 16,90€ je Erwachsener  

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Organisatorische Details

Teilnehmer: 4-20 Teilnehmer (Offene Tour)

Anmeldung:1 Tage vor dem Termin Anmeldeschluss

Sprachen:Englisch, Italienisch

Buchbarkeit:Buchung zum Festpreis

Beschreibung der Tour

With this itineary you are going to discover a tiny village of Vicopisano, once a powerful castle, away from the touristic circuit that has surprisingly preserved its Medieval features of an impregnable fortress. The guided tour will underline the historical, artistical and architectural peculiarities of Vicopisano with particular stress on the ingenious defensive structures.


The romanesque parish church still preserves rare and valuable Medieval sculptures in wood and traces of the original fresco decoration. From here you’ll stroll with the tour guide through narrow winding alleys flanked by original high rise Medieval Tower-houses to reach the so called ‘Rocca del Brunelleschi’ (Brunelleschi’s castle) placed on the highest part of the village.


On weekends you can get the chance of entering the Podestà palace, its antique prisons (still used during the Fascist period) and possibly you can climb a top the Brunelleschi’s tower from where you can get a breathtaking view of the landscape surrounding Vicopisano.



Duration of the guided tour: about 2 hours + 1hours Tours/Climbe the tower.




price of admission to the tower, prisons


The visit to the Tower and prisons is not suitable for people with limited mobility, dizziness and claustrophobic

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